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CL: That’s great that you still keep in touch with fellow cast members from Spring Awakening!

Of course, yesterday I actually went to Brooklyn and met with Lea (Michele), Matt Doyle, Alexandra Socha, and Brian Charles Johnson. We stay so close it really takes the cake. We’re best friends, we’re family! We support each other to no end. On my birthday and graduation I got a million text messages from them. We’re all over the place, Jon (Groff) is in Chicago right now shooting “Boss,” and so many people are in L.A. but we definitely keep in touch by texting and tweeting and seeing each other when everyone comes home to New York City. Lea is really good at bringing everyone together and we all talk and we pick up right where we left off. We went through something that nobody can understand except for us because we were all so young so it’s definitely a priority for me when Lea is in town or Jon is in town that I make sure to be there for that.


The Spring Awakening cast have the qt-est friendships ever tbh, bar none.
31 May 2012 @ 02:34 pm
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Monchele pics here if you care
ngl she looks really cute in them, but Cory looks like a slob :/

Florrie White talks us through the gorgeous make-up look she created for Lea Michele for the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2012. All products are by Chanel...

"Straight from the shower I moisturised Lea's skin with a mix of Hydra Beauty Creme and Hydra Beauty Serum, all the way down her decollete.

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25 May 2012 @ 10:01 pm

3. Lea Michele, Actress

Lea stays in shape by tackling the trails in picturesque Runyon Canyon—a 15-minute drive from her apartment—and working out with L.A. health counselor Devon Butler. "We do a lot of yoga during red-carpet season," says Butler. "Lea has so much attention on her, and this is so calming." Lea especially likes Bikram, poses and breathing exercises done in a heated studio for deeper stretching and stress relief.