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tumblr write-up about Lea on Bethenny

First, the show is an interesting one and very entertaining. Bethenny is hilarious, and so kind. So, you all should definitely watch!

I’ll just share a few little tidbits with you.

[Spoilers, I guess...]
Per my request ;), Lea wore a deliciously short sparkly dress with a cream blazer (and lovely sleek straight hair).

So, Bethenny and Lea love each other… but I had no idea that they hadn’t met yet! They were both super cute when she came out, gushing over each other. Lea was imitating her dad being a fan of Bethenny’s and she was popping in and out of a NYC accent, sparking a cute cute exchange where Lea busts out the New Yorker.

They talked a bit about tabloids, etc. and Lea talked about how happy she was.
They also talked about Lea’s boobs. Bethenny showed a picture of Lea from Letterman and they had a little discussion about how Lea’s boobs loved NYC because they got to come out every night (SA), but they hadn’t really seen the light in LA yet, so she was just helping them out. It was too cute.

Bethenny also gave Lea a whole bunch of Skinny Girl stuff to Lea, and she was soooo excited. It was adorable.

Monchele? - Nothing about relationships. The tabloid talk was generalizations about false stories and the people around her knowing the truth and that is what is important. [bless]

How long? - It was a full segment then like half of one when they came back for the Skinny Girl stuff. SO less than 10 minutes? [not bad, tbh, longer than most talk shows]

Air date? - I heard Wednesday of next week, but I also heard that they didn’t know. So, I’d keep checking your local FOX listings/wait for Lea/someone to say something.

Lea being happy? - I think this came after the Maxim part (Bethenny showed Lea’s picture/write-up from the Maxim Hot 100 - which is just the pic of her sitting down in the pink sweater from the Mark T shoot - and Lea talked about how she looks hideous in the morning and then they went into “feeling great about yourself” and being being happy, etc.

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